Bored of planters? List of creative ways that help to grow plants

Are you a gardening enthusiast but the same old way of planting in pots makes you lose interest? Well, instead of changing your hobby, why not change the way of planting your green buds. It will bring back your interest, make you use 100 percent of your head and also enhance your decor, indoors as well as outdoors.  

Planting trees and small plants is a very interesting process. People who like gardening and spend time with plants can understand how amazing it is to see the life process when plants grow from a simple bud and change into a beautiful tree. You know, actually planting can teach you many important things in life. For instance, you learn to be patient, how to take care of the little ones, and also why plants are good for us. They can be your best friend if you learn how to make friends with plants. Plants are also a great way to enhance the decor, but this time you can ditch the same old pots as the method of planting and rather try some other creative ideas. If you thought plants can only survive in pots, think again! They need resources to survive and then they dont care about the containers they are put in. that gives you an option to use upcycled old items available at your home. Now, this is what we call a very cost-effective way and sustainable way to give your home a new meaning. So, while you order plants online and wait for the delivery, meanwhile, do check out some really amazing ways to do the planting and make your plants grow. Let’s begin with the recycled things best used as pot replacements. 


Dont we all love those cute little teapots peeping from our cabinets. I know you are not allowed to touch them but if you have some really old teapots at home, you can easily convince your mom to make better use of them. Tell her that these teapots can be amazing planters. Now plants are something that will eventually benefit you in return, so your mom will not be able to say no. Instead of heading to a pot shop, save up old teapots that will serve the same purpose. These teapots will make very cute planters for small flowering plants. The interesting designs on the teapots make them ideal for indoor use. Fill your favorite blooms in this chinaware to add a gorgeous touch to your indoor setting. 

Old sink

Old sinks are the least thing you would have imagined to be used as planters. Let me tell you that they are the best planter as they have everything one looks for in a planter. It provides ample space for the roots of the plants, has a hole underneath to drain the extra water and the ceramic body looks great in your house as well as your garden. So, put the old sink into use when you plan to change the sink. 


Pits are also another very ideal replacement of pots. If you have run out of pots, instead of running to a tools shop, you can use the old pits as a planter. We generally have pits at home which are saved up from our groceries like flour, dals, and pulses. Make good use of the pit after removing the pulses from it. 

Tin cans

Tin cans are one of the most used upcycled old items for the replacement of planters. Most people plant in tin cans because of the easy availability. We generally have dried fruit cans, beans cans, and sweet treat cans at home. Instead of throwing them away, you can give this tin can a new meaning to its life. It will serve you as a planter. Make a small hole underneath and you are good to put a small plant in it. You can also put a layer of paint on this canto transform its look into a rusty flower planter. You can buy indoor plants online and put them into tins. 

Muffin/ice cream tray

For the small buds that can merely stand in a pot, needs a really small container. Do you have an old muffin/ice cream tray not being used? Rather than utilizing it to make delectable biscuits, why not use it as a holder to develop your favorite little succulents all things considered? For seedlings where just a little territory of soil is required, this is amazing as the various segments of the biscuit plate offer a box to plant a wide range of species. Besides, this is something youngsters will very much want to take care of.

These are the creative ways how you can ditch the pots and still make your plants grow. If you are short of pots, but you can’t get enough plants around, think of upcycling and recycling. 

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