How Positive Thinking And Manifestation Are Linked

If you are filled with anger, fear, and other forms of negative thinking you are not allowing yourself to manifest your dream life. In fact, you are blocking the universe from giving you what you truly want. Positive thinking plays a vital role in manifestation.

Like attracts like, is the Law of Attraction. However, if your intentions are blurred with negativity then your desires aren’t your real needs. To be in a position to receive you need to get rid of those negative thoughts and replace them with positive thinking.

We list a few tips you can use to get yourself in a positive frame of mind.

Be Informed

Of course, the first step you have to take is to recognize when you are thinking negatively. If you are unaware that you doing something you cannot change it. It’s no secret that negative thinking changes your intention by limiting them. One way of knowing that you are negative is that your intentions aren’t truly what you want.

Being aware of your negative thoughts allows you an opportunity to change them to positive thinking. Be alert to your thoughts especially when they don’t give you credit and power you deserve. It’s really up to you to stop yourself and change your thought process.

Reclaim Your Power

The really great thing about positive thinking is that you have control. By being positive you can ask the universe for whatever your heart desires. Positive thinking reminds you of who you are and what you are capable of. It gives you what you ask for.

Positive thinking is especially connected to your self-worth. If you feel you are worthy then you are committed and become more powerful. Use your power to ask for what you really want. It’s important to focus on your strong points and not on your faults.

Ask Yourself

Negative thinking is really the opposite of positive thinking. If you are negative, what you think you want you actually don’t want. Once you’ve identified those limiting thoughts it’s time to sit yourself down and ask yourself what you really want. What do you desire? How can the universe answer you?

Positive thinking allows your inner voice to focus on your needs, desires, and goals. Positive thinking also helps you ask for what you really want, not what you think you deserve. Don’t rob yourself of what you can have.

Build a Vision Board

Once you’ve rooted out negative thinking and know what you really want from life it’s time to build a vision board. A vision board is a palpable symbol of your deepest desires. It allows you to focus your mind on what you want. A vision board gets you involved and is a hands-on approach to asking the universe for what you want.


After you have created your vision board and you are clear on what you want it’s time to manifest these dreams. Say them out loud as if they have already happened. Trust that the universe will give them to you. Align your life and decision with your dream. Works towards your goals. Believe in your future and that you can obtain it.

Use your vision board and your daily affirmation to reinforce your beliefs. Always stay focused and maintain your positive mindset. Know that you are enough and that you deserve what you want.

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Have you heard the saying, ‘good things come to those who wait.’ ? Most likely you have and it carries weight. Being patient is the best tool at your disposal. When you’ve done all you can to be positive, work out what you really want, focused on your dream, and asked the universe for what you really want it’s time to wait. It will come at the right time. Don’t do something in the meantime to mess it up.

Final Thoughts

Positive thinking and manifestation must go together. You cannot have the one without the other. Positive thinking is a powerful tool in creating your vision and allowing the universe to give it to you at the right time. Just be ready to receive it.

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