7 Tips to Buy Right Bedsheet Online – What Bedsheet Care Procedure Should You Follow?

Your bed – It is the place where your day begins and ends. And having the right relaxation is the utmost pleasure and comfort that you seek from your bedtime. Having the ideal relaxing time in the bed is not just about what size and type of bed you have, or only the type of mattress. It is the combination of all, inclusive of the bedsheet that you have.
Paying attention to what bedsheet you pick and how you care for it is equally important. When it comes to choosing the bedsheet online, ensure that you know what it takes to pick the right one. Looking for single or double bed sheets online is not rocket science but isn’t a task that you take lightly.

How to Buy Bedsheets Online?
Follow the below-mentioned tips to get the right pick:
Check What Fibre Content
Should you go for 100% cotton which is soft and premium class but comes at a pit on the higher price scale, or should you go for a blend like cotton and polyester that does feel synthetic and is less prone to wrinkle and is also on the affordable side? Also, if you are going for cotton, it comes in various versions like Pima or Egyptian the more premium ones, and so which one you are having a look at. Make sure that you are not being duped when it comes to fiber type.

Look at Your Use and Environment
Bedsheets come in various materials like cotton, polyester, satin, silk, and more. And all these have their unique characteristics and properties. If you are living in a place like India where there are hot and humid conditions in most of the regions and for most of the year, go for a material type that is compatible with the weather and is easy to take care of and maintain.
Consider Thread Count; However, It is not Everything
When purchasing online, we are not experiencing the product online and therefore have to be more cautious about the thickness and durability of the bedsheet. This is where assessing and enquiring about the thread count becomes all the more important. Usually, above the mark of 140 thread count is deliberated as good.
However, you should know that thread count is also not everything. You may get a bedsheet with a thread count of 200-something but is not as cozy and soft as a bedsheet with a thread count of 150. So, look at both the factors.

Measure Your Mattress Before
The standard mentioning of bedsheet size doesn’t mean they will fit always. You have to count-in how tall your mattress is and if you are using a mattress topper as well. Also, bedsheets will shrink a bit after wash, so consider this factor as well before selecting your pick.

Design and Colour Also Matter
Don’t think that after considering all the above-mentioned factors you have all sorted. After all, bedsheets do add to the beauty of your bedroom and therefore you can’t overlook what color and design it comes in. Mix and match different designs and patterns with the wall texture and wallpaper of your room. For a neutral color, surrounding go for bold colors, and textured walls going with subtle patterns is a preferred option.

Can You Go For Microfiber Sheets?
As the term goes, these are sheets made from fine fibers that mean it a synthetic material finish. These are somewhat different from cotton bedsheets and so ideal for people who want something different to try out, or when they are looking for a much smoother texture.

Go for Easy-to-Care for the Busy Bee in You
When you want bedding that is easy to take care of and holds its own in varying temperatures and rough use, then you should look in for this factor also. Usually, cotton sheets are those which will provide you with a better care and durability option. For a change, you can go for a cotton-polyester blend that remains wrinkle-free and are easy to wash and maintain.
Important Tips to Care for Your Bedsheet
* You should wash your bed sheets and also pillow covers once every week.
* Make sure to gently wash the sheets using warm water and mild detergent. You can also use a specific linen detergent or powder.
* You can either hand-wash or machine-wash your sheets, but do it in gentle mode.
* The best way to dry the sheets is in Mother Nature. If not possible then you can opt for a permanent press. Ensure that you do not press it more than needed, else there are chances of wrinkling.
* It is suggested that you don’t bleach your bedsheets, especially soft material like cotton bedsheets.
* Just like you clean your clothes closet, spring cleaning your linen closet is also important.
Picking a bed sheet is not that hard, but you have to know what works best for you and what type of print and pattern like block print bedsheet or anything else will be right to buy.

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