How To Use Ginger Powder?

The first thing to know about the ginger powder is that it is much more concentrated than the root – this should not be forgotten when using it! It is recommended to use a smaller amount than with ginger root since its smell and taste are much stronger and it can be more difficult to digest. Today we tell you how to use ginger powder so that you can get the most out of your taste and your palate.

Uses of ginger powder

Powdered ginger can be used as an alternative to certain medications. However, as its taste is very strong, it is not recommended to consume it directly as a powder. The ideal is to put the ginger powder in capsules to create a kind of tablet. This allows the capsule to be swallowed without perceiving the pronounced taste of the ginger powder. In addition, its use is very simple: it is as if you were taking medicine.

If you do not know how to use ginger powder, it is worth knowing that it is normally with this that ginger tea is prepared. It is the ginger that gives this drink that characteristic spicy touch. To prepare the tea, bring at least two cups of water to the boil, add two tablespoons of powdered ginger, mix, and let stand until the water is warm. Generally, powdered ginger floats on the surface. Therefore it is recommended to filter the infusion when it is served in the cup. For a more pleasant taste, add a few drops of green lemon and sugar to the ginger tea.

Another way to use ginger powder is to flavor dishes. Ginger is known for being an ideal condiment for soups, purees, meats, fish, sauces … Depending on the amount used, ginger adds a spicy, sweet, or bitter touch to dishes.

Since the ginger powder is much more concentrated than the root, you need to use it wisely. The best way to use a ginger powder in the kitchen is to start by adding half a tablespoon to season the meats and testing until you get the desired flavor. It is worth knowing that when ginger cooks, it loses a little taste, but never its aroma.

Powdered ginger is excellent for treating cough. The best way to use it against cough is to make a ginger tea powder, and add two tablespoons of honey and the juice of half a green lemon to the preparation. With this preparation you get a delicious infusion, but also a powerful home remedy to cure cough.

To end chills and treat cold symptoms, the ginger powder can be used to make an infusion that decongests and warms the body. Prepare the ginger tea powder and add the juice of half an orange. The vitamin C of this fruit and the medicinal properties of this plant will help the body to defend itself and fight the cold.

Finally, when using powdered ginger, it is important to know that over time, it loses its properties, its aroma, and its flavor. That is why it is not convenient to keep ginger powder for more than a year.

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