Keeping Your Dog’s Teeth Clean

As humans, we know just how important it is to clean and take care of our teeth. But did you know that it is also important to keep your pet dog’s teeth cleaned? Being careless with your dog’s teeth cleanliness can lead to their teeth getting stained. It can also lead to them having problems with chewing or eating as they get older. A vet Bend, OR has come up with several tips on how to keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy.

Brush Teeth Weekly

The easiest way to keep your dog’s teeth clean is to brush them regularly; once a week will suffice. Buy a doggy toothbrush that is made specifically for canines, and get a tube of dog-friendly toothpaste while you are at it. The toothbrushes are shaped to fit a dog’s mouth and get deep into the crevices of their teeth. As far as the toothpaste goes, they usually taste pleasant to make it more palatable for the dog. Ask your veterinarian Bend, OR to recommend the best doggy toothbrush to buy.

When you brush your dog’s teeth, be sure to use circular motions. The circular movement is effective to ensure that plaque in your dog’s mouth gets removed. This is a process that the staff at the local vet clinic Bend, OR can give you tips on.

Chew Toys

Chew toys are another great way to keep your dog’s teeth clean. Hard rubber and nylon are substances that will scrape and clean their teeth. After your dog eats a meal, offer them the toys as a treat and have them chew on them for a while. Be sure to get a toy that fits the jaw strength for your breed of dog. Bigger dogs tend to have stronger teeth, so you can get them bigger toys. Ask the local animal hospital Bend, OR for their recommendations on other toys to buy for your dog.

High-Quality Food

The type of food you feed your dog plays a key role in keeping their teeth clean. Vegetables like carrot slices and fruits like apple slices are yummy snacks that a lot of dogs tend to enjoy snacking on. The best part is, these types of foods won’t stick to their teeth. The bonus is that while your dog happily chews on these foods, they assist in scraping pieces of food off your dog’s teeth. Pieces of squash and pumpkin are other foods that aid in their dental health. The nearest veterinary clinic Bend, OR can give you a list of other foods to feed your dog.

Raw Bones

Chew toys aren’t the only effective chewing object your dog can use to scrape food from their teeth – bones will also do the trick. For best results, use a larger, thicker, uncooked bone that comes from a large animal (like a cow). A smaller bone tends to be more brittle and more susceptible to breaking easier. This can pose a danger if it gets stuck in your dog’s mouth. Be sure to get a second opinion from your pet clinic Bend, OR on bone-chewing.

Looking for tips on keeping your dog’s teeth clean? Your local vet Bend, OR can help you with that. Schedule an appointment with them today.

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