Tips for Raising a Puppy 2022

Raising a puppy is one of the most rewarding—and challenging—things you’ll ever do. It’s a lot of responsibility, but it will be worth it. Of course, you’ll want to do everything in your power to raise your new family member the right way. Then, they’ll turn into a well-mannered adult dog. Below, your veterinarian Columbia, TN provides you with the basic tips to do it right:

Training and Socialization

Try to introduce your puppy to a variety of environments, situations, and people from a young age. This gets him used to everything he’s likely to encounter later in life—men, women, children, other pets, etc. When your pup is properly socialized early on, there is less likelihood of issues down the road. Ask your veterinary clinic Columbia, TN for help with this.

Crate training is also important, and it’s a great way to house-train your puppy. It helps your new dog get used to a schedule for sleeping, playing, eating, and using the bathroom. Consult your vet clinic Columbia, TN for help getting started with crate training.


Your puppy will need the proper food choice to grow healthy and strong during this critical stage of life. Make sure he’s being fed a proper life-stage diet formulated specifically for puppies. (Ask your veterinarians Columbia, TN for a recommendation.) And be sure to ask about a feeding schedule. Since puppies need a lot of energy, they might need up to three meals a day or more.

Don’t forget to provide your pup with plenty of cool, freshwater to stay hydrated. It’s essential for good health! Ask your pet clinic Columbia, TN for advice on the exact amount of water to give your young dog.


All dogs need regular exercise, and your puppy is no exception. It keeps their mind stimulated and engaged, and it helps give the developing muscles and joints a healthy workout. Luckily, your puppy is a natural exerciser—he’ll love to play with toys! Ask your vets Columbia, TN what kind of toys are safe for puppies to play with, and have at it. Your puppy will thank you.

Veterinary Care

Trips to your animal hospital Columbia, TN are also essential for raising a healthy puppy. Your vet will conduct your puppy’s very first veterinary checkup to make sure everything looks good. And he or she can also get your pup set up with essential vaccinations, which protect little Fido from common and contagious diseases.

Preventative medications to ward off intestinal parasites, as well as fleas and ticks, are also important. Your vet Columbia, TN will be able to tell you what your puppy needs and get you set up with the proper medications.

Last but not least, having your puppy spayed or neutered early on in life is almost always a good idea. Most pups can have the procedure performed as early as five to six months of age, but ask your veterinarians Columbia, TN for details. This procedure eliminates the chance of unplanned litters, and improves your pup’s behavior, and eliminates or reduces reproductive-related health issues.

Ready to set up your new furry family member’s first veterinary appointment? Get in touch with your vet hospital Columbia, TN today. We’re always here to help!

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