The Top 5 Fruits to Eat in the Summer


The only good thing about summers is watermelon. A lot of people think that watermelon is just water and sugar. But contrary to popular belief watermelon is a nutrient dense fruit. It is rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins and low on calories. It is rich in Vitamin C needed for maintenance of collagen, and Vitamin A needed for growth of body tissues, including skin and hair.
Because of its high water and fiber content, watermelon promotes a healthy digestive tract and prevents constipation. Made of 92% water and electrolytes, it is greatly hydrating.
If you make a list of favorite fruits of summer season, there are high chances that watermelon will top the list. The refreshing taste and the sweetness make watermelons an ideal summer dessert. Chilled watermelon slices sprinkled with some rock salt or chat masala – your guilt free evening snack is ready!


It is native to India and is one of the most popular summer fruits in India. The fruit is available for a limited period in summers and we suggest you relish it while it is available. This summer eat the wood apple fruit or enjoy wood apple sherbet.
There are various health benefits in wood apple. The presence of tannin in the fruit helps it in curing diseases like cholera and diarrhea. It is rich in Vitamin A, B1, B2, and C. It is also a good source of potassium, calcium, and has a negligible amount of fat.
Wood apple fruit is said to be the best natural remedy for constipation. You can either eat the fruit or consume it in sherbet form to cure constipation. Add a pinch of black salt and some black pepper to the fruit and consume it regularly to flush out toxins from your body.


Talk about pineapples and you associate it with beaches, sun kissed vacations, and pina colada. There are many benefits of pineapple for the skin and health, that this summer you cannot miss eating it.
Pineapples are a rich in vitamin C and bromelain, which help fight microbial infections and boosts immunity. If you are someone who suffers from cold even in peak summers, then eating pineapples will help. The antioxidant rich fruit helps lower cholesterol, thus preventing heart diseases. Studies also show that pineapple lowers the risk of cancer. It also prevents sinusitis. The rich amount of manganese present in this delicious summer fruit helps in strengthening bones and connective tissues.
Pineapples can be added to pizza toppings, salads, or you can make a healthy smoothie with it. Having chilled pineapple in summers will refresh you and give you your daily dose of vitamins and antioxidants in a tasty manner. It is one of the most loved fruits of the summer season.


Okay, we know that cucumber is not a fruit. But could not resist including it in the post. Cucumber is one of the best things that you can munch in summers. Since cucumbers are 95% water, they are extremely hydrating, which makes them an ideal for summers. They also provide fiber and are helpful in relieving constipation.
The low-calorie cucumber is loaded with nutrients. So for all those who want to eat healthy, cucumber is a perfect choice. Cucumbers are also low in sodium, carbohydrates, fat, and cholesterol. The anti-inflammatory compounds present in cucumber help flush out the toxins from out body.
Sprinkle some black salt and have it as a delicious salad, have it with a hung curd dip, or just add it to water to make detox water, the idea is to have a good amount of cucumber in summers.


It is a rich source of Vitamin C, thus, preventing from Scurvy (caused due to deficiency of Vitamin C). Vitamin C also boosts the immune system.
The acids in sweet lime help flush out toxins from the bowel tract. It also contains a high amount of dietary fiber, which is known to relieve constipation. The fruit is rich in antioxidants and the flavonoids present in sweet lime have detoxifying and antibiotic properties, effective in healing peptic ulcers.
This summer consume sweet lime or its juice to keep yourself cool. Sweet lime juice is a healthy alternative to carbonated drinks. It will keep you hydrated and provide essential minerals and vitamins at the same time. Limeade made from sweet lime juice is helpful in treating a person suffering from sunstroke.

Including summer fruits and vegetables in your daily diet can be quite beneficial for your health this season. The good thing about these summer fruits is that they not just keep you cool, but are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and lots other health benefits.

Enjoy these fruits in summers and beat the heat !!!  🙂

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