How to Choose the Correct Chemical Exfoliants

Before applying the product on your face, please patch test first.

What are Chemical Exfoliants?

Chemical Exfoliants use acids to dissolve dead skin. They are less abrasive than Physical exfoliants/ Scrubs.

Physical exfoliants like Walnut scrub, Apricot scrub pastes help slough off dead skin cells on the skin’s surface while chemical exfoliants have the ability to work deeper underneath the skin’s first layer making them really effective.

Using Chemical exfoliants once every two-three depends on your skin type, smoothes fine lines, gives brightness to your skin, even out skin texture, and improves the quality of the skin, shedding dull skin cells to reveal natural-looking skin. They also help in softening the look of wrinkles and fine lines whilst unclogging the pores.

What are different types of active ingredients?

There are 3 basic exfoliating acids: AHA, BHA, and PHA. These are the ‘key’ ingredients in the skincare product.

  • AHA works on the upper layer of skin and 2 basics AHA are Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid.
  • BHA works on a deeper layer of skin and the most common BHA is Salicylic Acid.
  • PHA is a milder form of AHA and is perfect for sensitive skin.

How to select one?

Start by identifying your skin type. This will help you determine the most appropriate and effective ingredients for your skin and goals. As you begin to select and introduce new ingredients to your skin, you will want to do so slowly and individually so you can monitor your skin’s reaction for adverse effects.

What should be the strength?

The strength and type of the active ingredient you are using will also impact your skin’s ability to withstand an ingredient’s application.

Some of the products you may use:



For how long should we use these active ingredients and exfoliants?

A lot of ppl expect that there will start skin peeling or flaking, but that’s not the case. To see the results the time varies from 2 hours to 3 months and it depends on when the particular product will start working. A lifelong commitment and consistency are required to see ongoing results.

What precautions to take while chemically exfoliating your skin?

1) Exfoliate on dry skin

2) Read directions carefully

3) Choose a percentage strength based on what your skin can handle.

4) Do not exfoliate over broken or wounded skin

How to add them to the skincare routine?

Start slowly, like add one ingredient at one time. A lot of time, it is mentioned on different products with active ingredients to be used every day. Make sure you don’t over-exfoliate your skin and don’t compromise your skin barrier. Giving gaps or alternating the active ingredients between days or day/night is also advisable.

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Author: Socio