How to Make Perfect Tiramisu Cheese Cake


For Tiramisu Cream:
  1. Egg yolks: 8 nos
  2. Egg white: 4 nos
  3. Cream: 100 ml
  4. Mascarpone cheese: 500 gms
  5. Sugar for egg white: 4 tbsp
  6. Sugar for egg yolk: 8 tbsp
For Coffee Syrup:
  1. Coffee espresso: 400 ml
  2. Sugar: 40 gms
  3. Marsala wine: 30 ml
  4. Vicenzovo classic finger biscuits: 2 packets


For tiramisu cream

Make sabayon with egg yolk and sugar syrup. then slowly add in mascarpone cheese to the sabayon and set it aside. Whip cream and fold in along with the sabayon. On the other hand, make Italian meringue and fold it along with the sabayon mix. Tiramisu cream is ready.

For coffee syrup

Mix coffee, Marsala wine, and sugar and keep it aside.

For Assembly:

Take a flat ceramic container. Soak the finger biscuits in coffee syrup and arrange it on the bottom of the container vertically. Then put a layer of tiramisu cream and spread it evenly. Repeat the same process one more time. This time arrange the fingers horizontally.


Source: The Asian Age




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