When to Consider an Over bust Corset and When to Pass

These days the corset industry is on fire. Tremendous varieties, awesome fabric, and a wide range are now available all over the world. You just tell your needs and corsets will be ready, such as the trend nowadays. With the trends and infinite choices available, confusion is inevitable. To choose among various options is a difficult task, more than that to choose something that fulfills your need, saves your money, and makes you feel comfortable is a challenging task. After searching, researching, and analyzing we have brought a solution for your confusion. If you are looking to purchase some high quality corsets then click here.

Mainly corsets are divided into two categories an over-bust corset and an under bust corset. Everything has its pros and cons; it depends on your need and comfort what you will choose. Go through the entire article and decide whether to choose an over-bust corset or under bust.

Let’s see first, why over-bust will not be a great choice for you?

Too expensive

Prices of over bust corsets are quite higher than the under bust corsets. It might be due to the fabric, it requires. Over-bust corsets are longer, hence the cloth and sewing needed are more. So, unless your fashion and styling are sponsored or you have been saving for a standard over bust corset, underbust corsets are a great choice for you and your wallet.

Contracted Lung Capacity

Don’t ever compare bras and corsets, both are different and are designed for different usage. Bras are elastic. Every time you inhale and exhale, bras can adjust with it. But the same is not with the corsets. Corsets are not elastic neither should be.
Especially, over bust corset. It covers the entire area from below your neck to near up to the rib cage. So, when any woman tries to inhale fully, she feels resistance from the corset she is wearing, and hence it can create discomfort to you. I would like to suggest if you work, where you need to work physically or you have any breathing issues don’t choose over-bust corsets.

Restricted Mobility

If you are going to choose over bust corsets, then forget easier mobility and flexibility. As over bust corsets are quite long, it extends above the chest and also it goes an inch beyond rib cage and the result you cannot bend and move quickly. You need to make adjustments before bending after wearing an over bust corset. So, if your work demands more leaning and more mobility don’t go with an over bust corset. Now, if you are someone who has an issue with hyper mobility, please do choose over bust corsets, it might help you to sit in one place.

Difficult to Fit

For average bust size, it is difficult to find an over bust corset. If you have an average size of chest, it is highly impossible to get corsets that will accommodate your curves properly. So, prefer not to use an over bust corset, but still, if you want to go with an over bust corset you might need to go with fully-custom or semi-custom corsets and that will be eventually much more expensive.

Now, you might think over bust corsets are not at all good to use, then who and why did they invent over bust corsets? Wait, wait don’t rush, good things take time to come to you. Here comes something appealing and a convincing reason to buy an over bust corset.

Best for Posture Improvement

Corset not only serves your styling desires but is also helpful in improving your body postures and overall look. Especially, over bust corsets. As mentioned earlier, over bust corsets come up to rib cage and also support your back. If corsets come up higher, it can avoid leaned posture, rolled shoulders, and hence it can correct your posture with no extra efforts.

Best for Shaping Large and Heavy Breasts

Worldwide women with large and heavy breasts undergo different surgeries for reducing the size of their breasts. Surgery is the option but it might be scary for some women. If you are among them, over bust corsets are made for you, use them. You might have tried different kinds of bras to accommodate large breasts; probably it must have failed, due to the elasticity and flexibility of bras.
Corsets are rigid, and their non-stretch fabric helps you to get the desired shape. Over bust corsets support burst from below and save from developing hunched shoulders.

Physical Benefits

Over bust corsets are expensive, but their advantages for your body are miraculous. As mentioned earlier, posture improvement is among them. Along with that, many physicists suggest over bust corset after shoulder injuries to cure it efficiently. Also, over bust corsets are effective when women suffer from thoracic outlet syndrome.

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